TFSC Forms

Complaint Form

 TFSC Complaint Form

Provisional Applications

 Provisional Funeral Director Application Packet

 Provisional Embalmer Application Packet

Provisional "Educational Waiver" Applications

 Provisional Funeral Director Educational Waiver Application

 Provisional Embalmer Educational Waiver Application

Provisional Forms

 Provisional MLE Application

 Provisional Licensee Reporting Form

 Provisional Funeral Director Task List

 Provisional Embalmer Task List

 Provisional Licensee Form to Change/Add Employment

 Provisional Duplicate License Application

 Provisional Exit Checklist

Provisional Renewal Application

 Provisional Renewal Application

Alternative Licensing Forms - Only for those not exiting directly from the provisional program.

 Alternative Funeral Director Application

 Alternative Embalmer Application

Reciprocal Licensing Forms

 Reciprocal Application Packet

 Reciprocal MLE Application

Reinstatement Licensing Forms

 Individual Reinstatement Application Packet

 Reinstatement MLE Application

Mortuary Law Book Order Form

 Law Book Order Form

Renewal of Individual License Forms

 Active Individual Renewal Application

 Inactive Individual Renewal Application

Individual Licenseing Forms

 Individual Duplicate License Application

License Verification Forms

 License Verification Application

 Out of State Certification Application

Criminal Conviction Questionnaires for Indivduals

 Criminal Conviction Questionnaire for Current Licensees

 Criminal Conviction Questionnaire for Applicants

 Criminal Conviction Evaluation - Prior to Application

Continuing Education Forms

 Application for CE Credit for Provisional Licensee Supervision

 CE Provider Application

 CE Course Application

 CE Provider Renewal Application

New Establishment License Forms

 Funeral Establishment Application

 Funeral Establishment Ownership Amendment Form

 Commercial Embalming Facility Application

 Commercial Embalming Ownership Amendment Form

 Crematory Application

 Crematory Ownership Amendment Form

Other Forms for Establishments

 Establishment Duplicate License Application

 FDIC Appointment/Removal Forms

 EIC Appointment/Removal Forms

 Preparation Room Exemption Application

 Records Exemption Application

 Authorization to Embalm (Required Form)

 Authorization to Embalm in Spanish (Required Form)

 Embalming Case Report (Suggested Form)

 Franchise Tax Affidavit

Brochure/Mailing List Order Form

 Facts About Funerals Brochure Order Form

 Mailing List Order Form