Renewing or Reinstating an Individual License


Funeral Directors, Embalmers and Provisional Licensees can renew a license online at the Online Renewal Center.

 Online Renewal Instructions

If you renewed online and did not receive your license in the mail, contact the TFSC immediately. You must be able to provide the transaction receipt received upon completion of renewal online or the TFSC cannot trace the renewal.

The TFSC does not  staff the online renewal center and online helpdesk.  The HPC help-desk states it can take multiple days to respond to a help ticket, especially near the end of the month. The help-desk only responds to emailed help requests. TFSC licensing staff is able to help with resetting passwords or the online renewal system. Contact Nikki Smith at for assistance.

Licensees may also renew using the following paper applications: 

Active Individual Renewal Application

 Inactive Individual Renewal Application

 Provisional Renewal Application

Disabled licensees (ie disability of 75 percent or greater) and retired licensees (ie over 65 years of age) who are not acting as a funeral director or embalmer may apply for inactive status. 



*The "in-person" requirement for Continuing Education has been waived until further notice.  You are still required to obtain all 16 hours.

All active license holders must complete 16 hours of continuing education prior to a license being renewed. Retired or disabled licensees are not required to take any continuing education.

Mandatory continuing education subjects required during each renewal period include Ethics – 2 credit hours; Texas Mortuary Law Updates - 2 credit hours; and Vital Statistics Requirements and Regulations – 2 credit hours. 

The TFSC performs a random audit of continuing education credits. Each month 10 percent of individual licensees receive a letter stating that he/she must submit his/her certificates to the TFSC prior to renewal. Failure to respond to this audit may delay or prevent the renewal of the license.

To find a continuing education course, contact an Approved Continuing Education provider.

            2021 Approved CE Providers

TFSC rules provide that a licensee will be granted eight hours of continuing education credit per renewal period for supervising a provisional license holder. Licensees must complete the following form and submit it along with provisional license holder case reports in order to be granted the credit hours.

 Application for CE Credit for Provisional Licensee Supervision



A license that has been expired one year or more may be reinstated by completing the required application; retaking and passing the Mortuary Law exam; paying all applicable fees; submitting to an FBI background check and completing the required continuing education.

 Individual Reinstatement Application Packet

 Reinstatement MLE Application

As the TFSC only retains Licensee files and information for one calendar year past the license’s expiration date, a licensee seeking reinstatement may be required to resubmit previously submitted documentation.



A licensee shall conspicuously display his/her license in each place of business at which the licensee practices. All licenses displayed must be the original embossed license issued by the TFSC and may not be a copy of the original license. The fee for a duplicate license is $5.00 per license. 

Individual Duplicate License Application

Provisional Duplicate License Application

Establishment Duplicate License Application

Licensees can now order additional (duplicate) copies of their license online at the Online Renewal Center.

Once logged into the renewal center, a licensee will click on the select box under the "Manage Your License" tab - similar to how you update your address online - tell us how many additional copies you need and you will be prompted for payment.